Year 7 Transition

Comprehensive Transition Program

Our meticulously crafted Transition Program is tailored to assist Year 7 students as they navigate the new and vibrant landscape of secondary schooling. This program addresses key adjustments such as adapting to a larger student community, exploring a diverse array of subjects, acclimating to new teachers, and managing a different timetable. Essential life skills, including using public transport, forming new friendships, and fostering independence and organisation, are integral parts of our program, ensuring students build a strong foundation for their secondary education.

Entrance Assessment and Orientation

Prior to commencement, students participate in an entrance assessment, allowing the College to gauge each student鈥檚 abilities and facilitate their first interaction with peers and the Tiverton Campus. The Orientation Day in December is a vibrant and engaging event, where students meet their Class Mentor, partake in activities, and interact with key staff, smoothing their entry into Year 7.

Parental Support

Recognising the crucial role parents play, 新澳门六合彩开奖网 engages them in the transition process. An event with Headspace is organized in Term 1 to discuss strategies and support for navigating the unique challenges of Year 7.

Settling into Year 7

Throughout the first term, our Transition Program continues with various structures and activities in place. Each Year 7 student is supported by a dedicated Class Mentor, who also teaches them in at least one subject, fostering meaningful relationships. The Year 7 Coordinator, along with the College Psychologist, is readily available to address any day-to-day concerns.

Year 7 Camp and Activities Week

A highlight of the Year 7 experience is the annual camp and activities week, offering a range of outdoor adventures that foster friendships and teamwork.

At 新澳门六合彩开奖网, we are dedicated to ensuring that the transition from primary to secondary school is a positive and enriching experience, setting our students on a path to success and growth in their secondary education.