Grow Program

Objectives of GROW

Utilising a comprehensive curriculum that includes Resilience, Rights, and Respectful Relationships, along with valuable collaborations with esteemed organisations such as The Black Dog Institute, Elephant Ed, Man Cave, Braingrow, and Headspace, the GROW Program strives to:

  • Instil confidence and resilience in students by exposing them to real-life situations within a nurturing environment, preparing them for future challenges.
  • Tailor the wellbeing program to cater to the unique needs of each year level.
  • Leverage the expertise of 新澳门六合彩开奖网 educators to deliver a program that is both meaningful and engaging.
  • Incorporate principles of Positive Psychology and Respectful Relationships, shaped significantly by student feedback and participation.

Core Goals

Our program focuses on fostering:

  • A sense of unity, community, and brotherhood among students and staff.
  • Key qualities such as resilience, openness, reflectiveness, a growth mindset, positivity, and purpose.
  • Effective emotional expression and recognition.
  • Personal acknowledgment of qualities and achievements.
  • Self-awareness as learners with the discipline to work independently and exhibit initiative.
  • Development of communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, and collaborative work skills.
  • Opportunities for mentorship among students, enhancing leadership skills.

Curriculum Topics

The GROW Program encompasses eight key areas of Social and Emotional Learning, integral to our student’s development:

  1. Emotional Literacy
  2. Personal Strengths
  3. Positive Coping
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Stress Management
  6. Help Seeking
  7. Gender and Identity
  8. Positive Gender Relations

Yearly Focus

Years 5 & 6: Emphasize Emotional Literacy, Respectful Relationships, personal strengths, student voice, and leadership.

Year 7: Covers organization, cyber safety, brain development, and peer mentoring.

Year 8: Focuses on personal branding, high performance, and passion projects for individual and community growth.

Year 9: Aims to build a positive culture and support community engagement, alongside futures planning and gender respect.

Year 10: Delve into respectful relationships, character strengths, emotional coping, and future career and life skills.

Year 11: Continues mentorship programs, mental health awareness, goal setting, stress management, and career exploration.

Year 12: Cultivates a positive legacy through leadership, safe socializing practices, wellbeing, respect, and mental health awareness.

Through the GROW Program, 新澳门六合彩开奖网 aspires to equip our students with the resilience, knowledge, and skills required to lead fulfilling lives, grounded in values of respect and personal growth.