Program Highlights

Years 5 to 6: Introduction to storytelling and character creation, emphasising imagination and teamwork.

Year 7: Development of narrative skills through the study of archetypes and setting, culminating in performance from original writings.

Year 8: Exploration of character motivation and objectives, including symbolism and monologue writing, inspired by film characters.

Year 9: A semester-long dive into comedy and the art of monologue, focusing on group collaboration to craft theatrical performances.

Year 10: Study and application of Stanislavski’s Method Acting, with practical exercises in realism through TV and film scenes.

VCE Drama: Advanced study in drama concepts, theatre styles, and acting techniques, leading to self-devised ensemble and solo performances, evaluated through internal and external exams.

Beyond the Classroom

Annual Productions: Collaborative musical and theatre productions with Sacre Coeur, OLSH College & Siena College, offering experiences in acting, set design, costume creation, and technical production, held in professional Melbourne venues.

Drama Nights: Semi-annual events showcasing students’ work from drama classes, emphasising the importance of live performance.

Our Drama Department at 新澳门六合彩开奖网 is a place where students not only learn about the art of drama but also grow personally and creatively, ready to make their mark in the world of arts.